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For the DIY crowd looking to build the ultimate poolside tiki bar, this guide on How to Build Your Own Tiki Bar is a valuable step-by-step guide featuring a fantastic tiki bar design and instructions on how to build it.  As the writer points out, this type of high-quality tiki bar often sells for upwards of $5000 and makes a great addition to your backyard oasis.  The tiki bar in this design is this beautiful 4 ft by 8 ft layout with a thatched roof.

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Many people like the casual beachcomber look of the Tiki bars for their backyard areas. You can find many varieties online to chose from. Some come hand carved from Hawaii, some are made of sabal palm wood. Some have thatched roofs and are made of bamboo. If you are redecorating your home and think that you have just the right corner to set up one in your home, it is recommended that you do some window shopping first.
After you have a general idea of the ones you prefer, start to …

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How to Build a Backyard Tiki Bar

If you would like to throw up your own backyard tiki bar but don’t really want to go to the time or expense of building a high-quality one, Threadless presents a nice little video on how to set up a simple outdoor tiki bar.  To get started, you will need an old dresser or shelf (this will become the base of the bar), a bamboo screen, 4 – 4ft 1×2 strips, cordless drill and screws, grass skirts, wire cutter, galvenized wire, and a couple of hawaiian leis.

This is a quick …

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Build Your Own Tiki Bar with a Tiki Bar Kit

If you like the idea of adding a backyard tiki bar or a tiki-themed basement but aren’t much of a handyman, you still have some attractive options.  Tiki bar kits have become a wildly popular way to build home tiki bars.  These kits offer you all of the materials and step-by-step instructions you need to set up your own tiki bar.  You will often find they offer the bar top, front, a couple of shelves, and sometimes even a thatch roof. 

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Improve Home Resale Value with a Tiki Bar

In a difficult housing market, you are probably seeing the same thing I am.  Homes are staying on the market longer than ever and buyers seem scarce.  Short of dropping the price of your house (which some are forced to do), what can you do?
Small-budget improvements can give your house an interesting twist to help differentiate it from others in the neighborhood.  Of course, you have the classics like upgraded light fixtures and hardware, but why not think outside the box a bit more?

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Tiki Bar Neon Parrot Sign

Looking for a classic neon sign to hang over your new home tiki bar?  This neon sign from On The Edge is a simple, classic tiki bar sign.