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Springtime is upon us and it is time to start planning to throw a tiki party at your new tiki bar.  From time to time we like to throw out ideas that we stumble across to help you throw the perfect tiki party.
Tiki Evites – the fine folks at Evite now have a few nifty tiki-themed templates to get your guests into the right mindset right from the start.  Evite has become the standard in inviting guests to any type of party and these are a-ok.
Set up a House Drink …

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When building a new tiki bar at home, it is vital that you spend some time up front giving serious consideration to the type of home tiki bar experience that you are looking to create.  Will you be serving up enough beers to warrant a kegerator?  How far are you building your tiki bar from your existing refrigerator/freezer?
There is an excellent post over at the KegWorks Blog on things that should be considered when designing your home bar.  It asks some of the fundamental questions that you should be asking …

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In a bad economy, owning your own tiki bar is as smart as ever.  As consumers worldwide tighten their belts and spend less on going out, you can save a bundle by staying in and mixing up those Zombies at home.
As with anything else, staying within a budget requires planning.  The Herald-Mail has a few suggestions on keeping your costs down when stocking your home bar.  The author suggests limiting your spend on mixers and using fresh ingredients to save a few bucks.  Of course, it is important to focus …

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One you come to the realization that you could own your own little tiki bar, it can be tempting to jump right in and let the bamboo fly.  However, the most impressive home bar setups require detailed planning before building begins.
If you are thinking about building your own tiki bar at home, there are a few things to consider before you get started.
Where to build – chances are, you’ve already decided where to construct your home bar.  Whether you have an unfinished basement, vacant dining room, or poolside patio to …

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The best detective in all of Hawaii has been commemorated in the most important manner possible – on a tiki mug.  Tiki Farm brings us the P.I. Hawaiian Idol Mug, complete with mustached goodness. Ferrari sold separately.
A few Magnum, P.I. trivia tidbits, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Tom Selleck won an Emmy for his Magnum role in 1984
His commitment to the show forced Selleck to pass on the Indiana Jones role in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
A Magnum, P.I. movie is rumored to be in the works, with Matthew McConaughey in the starring …